Tanzeem Ali
ISSA Certified Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer

About Me

A Lifelong learner, a Yogini since elementary school years, daughter, sister, wife, mother of two boys and aunt to four nephews and three nieces, gardener nature lover and educator with over 15 years of classroom and higher education experience.

For a detailed complete bio - including my professional certifications and my unique approach to fitness - simply give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

"Sole to soil, I touch the earth.

In this communion,

my soul finds

a true friend."

Sole to Soil, I touch the earth

Breathing in, we slow down

In this communion,

Breathing out, we are free from the busyness of our lives and the serpentine cords living beneath our desks. We enjoy our freedom communing in nature.

my soul finds

Breathing in, we relax into nature's welcoming embrace, and we come to know our garden and ourselves.

a true friend.

Breathing out, we build a true friendship with the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Murray, Z. (2012). Mindfulness in the Garden Zen tools for digging in the dirt. Parralax Press.

The name for my Yoga and Nutrition consultancy TanMan Aatma refers to the Sanskrit words “Tan” as in body, “Man” as in mind and “Aatma” as in soul or spirit. One must continue to live in harmony with nature, in tune with one’s Tan, Man and Aatma to avoid imbalances that can affect one’s well being. Aatma is spelled differently as it includes first name initials of my children and I and last name initial of me and my husband.